February 2008 issue - Taking on State Agents February 7, 2008


Dear NONE,

Marsh, Rickard & Bryan recently resolved a lawsuit against the State of Alabama where a man was shot and killed by a state trooper. 29-year-old Chris Lindley bled to death around midnight December 14, 2004, from two gunshot wounds inflicted by the trooper. Lindley had wrecked his pick-up truck and was less than a mile from his home in Alabaster when he encountered the trooper. The trooper has since resigned his job. The case was handled by David Marsh and Rip Andrews. For more details, you can read this news article.

The firm also recently settled a case against a sheriff's office where a young man committed suicide while being held in a county jail. The 18-year-old hung himself with a sheet. Alan Lasseter, who handled the case, argued that the jailers were on notice that the young man had suicidal tendencies but failed to remove items from the cell that could cause him harm.

Alan is also handling a case against a motorcycle police officer who was on parade duty when he struck and seriously injured a pedestrian. The allegations are that the police officer was exceeding the speed limit and traveling without a siren at the time of the wreck. Alan and Rip are also handling a case for a man who was shot four times by the SWAT team of a major metropolitan area. The lawsuit claims that the SWAT team was serving a search warrant on the wrong man at the wrong address when the team stormed the bedroom of our client, who was asleep at the time.

As you can see, the lawyers at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan have a good deal of experience in handling cases that involve police misconduct and cases against state agents. We have brought cases of this type in both state and federal court. Alan and Rip recently published an article that discusses how to handle immunity issues in cases against Alabama law enforcement that is available for download here.

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