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“These lawyers took a complicated issue, revealed the truth in a way 12 jurors unfamiliar with the topic could understand, and brought justice to my family through a multi million-dollar verdict.”

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Spotlight Case

A Tuscaloosa jury awarded a $30 million verdict to the family of a man who died waiting on help in a hospital emergency room. The jury returned the verdict on May 16, 2019, after a two-week trial at the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse. The case was tried by MRB attorneys David Marsh, Derrick Mills and Jane Mauzy. David says the case exposed a breakdown in the hospital’s system.


Medical negligence – $4,000,000 verdict in Houston County, Alabama

A 77-year-old man was found on the floor of his hospital room after he sustain a fall during which he struck his head. Proper fall precautions were not utilized despite being required. The jury found the defendant medical provider failed to meet the standard of care, which caused the patient to fall and lead to his death. The jury awarded the man’s family $4,000,000. This case was tried by attorneys Rip Andrews and Ben Ford of the law firm Marsh, Rickard & Bryan. The Supreme Court of Alabama affirmed the verdict on appeal.

Automobile Injury, Uninsured Motorist – $833,709 verdict In Jefferson County, Alabama

A Birmingham police officer was injured by an uninsured motorist while working an accident on Interstate 65 North. The injured police officer was represented by MRB attorneys Rip Andrews and Ben Ford. The jury awarded $33,709.21 in compensatory damages and $800,000 in punitive damages in a suit against the officer’s insurance carrier for uninsured motorist benefits.

Medical negligence - $500,000 verdict in Jefferson County, Alabama

The jury returned a verdict in favor of the family of a 26-year-old disabled woman who died unnecessarily after St. Vincent’s Hospital East failed to call her critical labs directly to her physician, as its own written policy required. The other defendants settled prior to trial. The jury awarded $500,000 in the medical malpractice case against St. Vincent’s East. The case for the victim was tried by attorneys David Marsh, Rip Andrews and Ben Ford of the law firm Marsh, Rickard & Bryan.

Medical negligence – Confidential Settlement in Jefferson County, Alabama

A 23-year-old woman emerged from neck surgery catastrophically injured. The case against a Birmingham doctor and his employer hospital grew out of the misplacement of a surgical screw, which resulted in serious damage to the young woman’s brain stem. She was hospitalized for months, forced to re-learn how to walk and talk. She was left with life-long impairments to her motor skills and her cognitive abilities.

Group home, choking case – Confidential Settlement in Jefferson County, Alabama

A 31-year-old intellectually disabled man choked to death on bread while he was under the care and supervision of a group home.

Group home, abuse/assault case – Confidential Settlement in Madison County, Alabama

A 31-year-old intellectually disabled man was physically assaulted in a group home. The group home and its owner, who was also the patient’s primary care physician, settled the case. The case was tried for a week and then all remaining claims were settled.

Automobile Death - $4,500,000 Verdict in Cullman County, Alabama

A Cullman County jury returned a $4.5 million verdict against the City of Hanceville and one of its police officers. David Marsh and Rip Andrews tried this case involving a police officer who failed to follow the rules of the road. One winter night, a 77-year-old Hanceville woman was on her way home from work when her car was struck broadside by a Hanceville police vehicle.

Medical Malpractice - Fraud - $16,000,000 Verdict in Jefferson County

A Jefferson County state court jury awarded a Birmingham couple $16 million in damages after finding that Brookwood Medical Center violated the standard of care for labor and delivery and participated in reckless fraud. MRB attorneys David Marsh and Rip Andrews tried the case for the couple, Caroline and J.T. Malatesta.

Workplace accident - Confidential settlement in Houston County, Alabama

Roger Lucas settled a lawsuit growing out of an on-the-job injury and death. Our client’s husband was run over by a fellow employee operating an industrial truck that was used to move trailers around the yard. He was permanently paralyzed by his injuries and died 16 months later due to his injuries and their complications.

Trade Secrets - Confidential settlement in Birmingham Federal Court

Mike Beard, Rip Andrews, Derrick Mills, David and Jane Mauzy settled an intellectual property case for an Alabama-based small business against a national corporation recognized as one of the world’s largest makers and suppliers of professional audio equipment. The Alabama business came up with a unique design for a wakeboard tower speaker.

Automobile Injury - Jefferson County

A Birmingham police officer who was hurt while working an accident on Interstate 65 North was awarded $833,709 by a Jefferson County jury. The injured police officer was represented by MRB attorneys Rip Andrews and Ben Ford. Sergeant Demus Smith was standing on the roadway at the scene of a wreck when a drunk driver hit his parked patrol car, which struck Sergeant Smith.

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