Fears around nursing home neglect and abuse warranted

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As those of the baby boomer generation continue to age, a record number of people in the United States will need to seek long-term care options. As family members look into potential options, many admit to having fears related to nursing home neglect and abuse.

The cost and time associated with providing round-the-clock care to an elderly family member, are often overwhelming. When a parent or loved one has a medical of physical condition that requires special attention, many family members turn to nursing home facilities as a safe long-term care option.

While family members report to having anxiety related to reported cases of nursing home abuse and neglect, there are ways to help ensure the safety and proper care of a loved one.

Prior to deciding on a nursing home, it’s wise to request data related to the facility’s quality and safety ratings. Specifically, it’s wise to note any violations as well as the resident to staff ratio. Also, once a loved one has moved into a nursing home, it’s important that family members visit frequently and at varying times.

Family members should ask the resident questions related to their living situation and make note of their loved one’s mental and physical state. Cases of nursing home neglect often include the over-medication of residents as well as long-term neglect which can lead to bed sores and pressure ulcers.

Family members, who believe their loved one may have suffered as a result of nursing home neglect, would be wise to consult with a legal professional. An experienced nursing home neglect attorney can help ensure a loved one’s dignity is restored.

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