Nursing home neglect leads to amputation of man’s leg

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News related to the abuse and neglect of nursing home residents is always troubling. Oftentimes instances of nursing home neglect occur in nursing facilities that are poorly managed and understaffed. One man, who suffered the effects of nursing home neglect firsthand, recently filed a lawsuit citing reckless and willful neglect.

Only 56, the U.S. veteran was admitted to a skilled nursing home after suffering a stroke. Having lost use of one side of his body, the man was placed in the facility until he was able to regain use of his leg and walk. Unfortunately, due to the negligent acts of nursing home staff, rather than regain the loss of his limb, he ended up losing it.

Upon visiting her husband, his wife recalled sometimes finding him alone and wearing a soiled diaper. He also remembers having to get out of his wheelchair and crawl to get help after his repeated calls for assistance using the restroom went unanswered. He contends that other residents have also been subjected to similar neglect and abuse.

Due to repeated and prolonged neglect, the man developed pressure sores which nursing home staff then bandaged. The sores became infected and, upon the insistence of his wife, the man was taken to an emergency room where doctors were forced to amputate his infected foot. The horrible infection had also seeped into the man’s blood resulting in kidney failure and the need for a blood transfusion.

Sadly, due to insurance matters, the man is being forced to remain at the nursing home facility until his condition improves enough for him to be released and go home. He and his wife have filed a lawsuit against the nursing home related to the neglect he suffered which lead to his injuries.

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