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Officials hope Alabama texting ban will decrease accidents

While many individuals know certain activities may be harmful or even dangerous, it's sometimes hard to break old habits. One habit that drivers in Alabama would be wise to break, however, is texting while driving. In an effort to decrease car accidents, Alabama recently became the 38th state to enact a law banning drivers from texting.

MRB Wins Wrongful Death Verdict

A Jefferson County jury today returned a verdict in the amount of $10 million in favor of a female motorcyclist who was killed while training on the Barber Motorsports race track in Leeds on May 22, 2009.  The wrongful death case was tried for the plaintiff by MRB's David Marsh and Rip Andrews.

Alabama's child restraint laws are lenient and outdated

Each year, thousands of children across the United States are injured and killed in car accidents. Sadly, many of these injuries and deaths could have been prevented had the children been properly restrained.

Alabama pedestrian recalls moments before being hit by car

From a young age children are taught to look both ways before crossing the street. It's a basic safety rule that most pedestrians follow. Likewise, most drivers know to slow down as they approach intersections or crosswalks where pedestrians may be crossing. When it comes to car accidents involving pedestrians, however, there seems to be a big difference between knowing safe pedestrian and driving rules and actually putting them into practice.

Truck hits woman and infant after car runs out of gas

Drivers who encounter car trouble while traveling on Alabama's highways must take necessary precautions to ensure their safety. When a car stalls or runs out of gas, there are certain steps the driver should take to stay safe until police or help arrive. Failure to do so can result in serious and even wrongful death.

Corporate Money & Judicial Elections in Alabama

In a disturbing new report, the Center for American Progress looks at the enormous amount of money being spent by corporate special interests in the elections for Alabama Supreme Court and concludes that big business is winning-not just in getting its candidates elected but in getting judges to rule in favor of big business and against individuals who have been injured or scammed.

Doctors hopeful of new treatment for brain injuries

Accidents that result in brain injuries can have severe and long-lasting effects. Serious brain injuries can render those they affect unable to walk, talk or perform everyday tasks. Even less serious brain injuries can impact an individual's memory and personality.

Alabama Supreme Court Denies Writ on Immunity Decision

Investigator Jimmy Williams, who worked for the Madison County District Attorney's office, was sued in his personal capacity for wrongful death.  The case arose out of the death of an innocent motorist who was struck at an intersection by a suspect who was being chased at high speed by a drug squad in which Williams was participating or directing. 

Alabama trucking company closed for safety violations

Trucking companies bear a great responsibility in helping ensure the safety of our nation's highways and interstates. Truck drivers must be properly trained, maintain a safe driving record and remain free of impairing substances such as drugs and alcohol. Failure to comply with these safety regulations can bring about catastrophic results as injuries sustained in truck accidents are typically severe and even fatal.

Citing neglect, lawsuit filed against nursing home

Many elderly individuals suffer from various physical and mental ailments that often require special care and attention that their loved ones are not able or equipped to provide. Seeking a safe place for their loved ones, family members trust nursing homes to provide for the care and safety of their loved ones. Sadly, incidents of accidents and injuries resulting from nursing home neglect occur with far too much frequency.

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