Alabama trucking company closed for safety violations

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Trucking companies bear a great responsibility in helping ensure the safety of our nation’s highways and interstates. Truck drivers must be properly trained, maintain a safe driving record and remain free of impairing substances such as drugs and alcohol. Failure to comply with these safety regulations can bring about catastrophic results as injuries sustained in truck accidents are typically severe and even fatal.

One Alabama-based trucking company was recently shut down for safety violations. Citing several serious safety violations stemming from its creation as a so-called chameleon company, officials at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently ordered all operations at MTI Transportation, LLC to immediately cease.

In May 2012, the FMCSA forced the closure of two other trucking companies citing safety violations related to improper vehicle maintenance and failure to comply with truck driver drug and alcohol testing. In response, the companies transferred operations to MTI Transportation. Referred to as a chameleon company, FMCSA regulators discovered that both vehicles and drivers formerly used by the two defunct companies were operating under MTI Transportation.

Trucks that are not properly maintained and truck drivers, who violate safety regulations, pose a great danger to public safety. In an effort to protect other drivers, FMCSA officials spoke out about the importance of shutting down chameleon companies. Trucking companies and individual truck drivers may be citied for safety violations related to improper truck maintenance, unsecured load, drug test failure, DUI and traffic violations.

Source: FMCSA, “U.S. Department of Transportation Orders MTI Transportation, LLC to Shut Down,” July 13, 2012

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