Alabama mother of two killed in fiery car crash

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A 32-year-old Alabama mother of two young children was recently killed in a car accident. The accident occurred as the young mother was involved in an accident where another vehicle was waiting for a break in oncoming traffic to make a turn into a residential apartment complex. While stopped on the two-lane highway, the motor vehicle was struck from behind by a pickup truck.

The 32-year-old’s car was also damaged in the collision and started on fire when struck. Thankfully, rescuers were able to pull the woman’s two small children from the burning vehicle. They were not, however, able to save the 32-year-old who perished in the accident.

Residents at the apartment complex were angered by the tragic loss of life. They contend the fact that there is no traffic light or turn lane make attempting to turn into the complex especially dangerous. Some residents plan to petition Alabama’s Department of Transportation to have a stop light erected or turn lane built.

In the wake of the fatal accident and mounting criticism surrounding the dangerous highway, state transportation officials released a statement. In it, they contend that “95 percent of crashes are caused by driver error” and that “all drivers…hold the keys to safer roadways”.

An investigation into the cause and specific issues that may have led to the fatal car accident is currently underway. Many are hopeful the tragic accident will help bring about changes related to safety on the Alabama highway.

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