Around the Firm: Derrick Mills Hosts Future Leaders Forum

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2012 | Around the Firm

MRB attorney Derrick Mills played host today to twelve young lawyers taking part in the Birmingham Bar Association’s Future Leaders Forum.  As a graduate of the BBA’s very first Future Leaders class, Derrick had a chance to help others on the same path to servant leadership.

Derrick introduced the group to Dr. Craig Witherspoon, the Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools, and Brian Giattina, a member of the Birmingham School Board, and moderated a lively discussion about the state of education in the City of Birmingham. 

Dr. Witherspoon focused on his accomplishments during his short time as superintendent, namely the introduction of career academies, and an International Baccalaureat program to the city schools, as well as an increased number of advanced placement classes.

Both Dr. Witherspoon and Giattina encouraged the young lawyers to “be informed” and “get involved” in the city schools.

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