Motorcycle accident claims life of Birmingham man

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Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles often result in the motorcyclist suffering serious or wrongful death. When a car or truck crashes into a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is often thrown from their bike. Injuries common in motorcycle accidents include head and brain trauma, broken bones and burns and road rash.

A 39-year-old Birmingham man recently died in a tragic motorcycle accident on Alabama’s Interstate 65. According to the initial police report, the man was riding his motorcycle northbound on I-65 when he crashed into the back of a van that was also driving northbound. The man was thrown from his motorcycle and sustained fatal injuries. He was pronounced death at the accident scene.

In this specific incident, police are still investigating the potential causes that may have lead or contributed to the man’s fatal injuries and death. If it’s determined that actions by the driver of the van contributed in causing the motorcyclist’s death, the man’s family may elect to file a wrongful death claim.

In the wake of this type of tragic accident, family members are often left reeling from the sudden loss of a loved one. Nothing can bring a loved one back or ease the pain and suffering associated with such a profound loss. There are, however, often financial obligations associated with such a loss that family members are left to sort out.

A wrongful death claim can help a family recover compensation related to the loss of a loved one. The financial gains associated with a wrongful death claim can help cover costs associated with medical and funeral expenses as well as lost wages.

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