Young Alabama man looses life in fatal car accident

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As high school students head back to school this year, many will be responsible for transporting themselves to and from school and part-time jobs for the first time. While young drivers are often filled with excitement at the freedom driving presents, they should also be aware of the dangers associated with driving.

High school students in one Alabama school were recently reminded of just how fragile life can be as a former football star was recently killed in a tragic car accident. The fatal car accident occurred as the recent 20-year-old graduate was on his way home from working third shift.

Upon driving home, the 20-year-old’s 1997 Honda collided with a tractor-trailer truck. The 20-year-old died as a result of the serious injuries he sustained in the accident. As news of his death spread throughout his former high school, many students and teachers were overcome with grief.

Car accidents that claim the lives of young adults are always tragic as a life is cut short before the individual had a chance to really live out their dreams and realize their goals. While the cause of this particular fatal accident is still under investigation, if it’s determined the driver of the truck was negligent in causing the accident the young man’s family may chose to file a wrongful death claim.

In motor vehicle accidents that result in a fatality, wrongful death claims may help family members cope with the financial burdens often associated with the sudden death of a loved one. Medical bills, funeral expenses and loss of wages are all factors that may result in monies being awarded through the filing of a wrongful death claim.

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