Alabama ranks fifth in nation for fatal teen car accidents

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Alabama parents of teen drivers often joke about their child’s poor driving practices. Lack of experience behind the wheel and an overall laissez faire attitude often makes riding in a car with a teen driver more than a little nerve wracking. While parents may joke about their teen’s driving behaviors, in reality the large number of teens involved and killed in car accidents is no joking matter.

A new study released by Erie Insurance Company reveals that from 2006 to 2010, Alabama had the fifth highest number of fatal teen car accidents. According to the study, the average number of teen deaths attributed to car accident for those same years per 100,000 was 16.2. That same number in Alabama was equivalent to 31.2 or nearly twice the national average.

Results of the study also show that more teens died in car accidents during the month of August than any other month and that Saturday is the most deadly day of the week for fatal car accidents involving teen drivers.

These statistics are troubling and will likely result in additional funding for safe driving programs targeting Alabama teens. They also serve as a reminder to parents of teen drivers to continue to encourage safe driving practices and to make an effort to drive with teens when possible.

Car and truck accidents involving teen drivers often result serious injuries and even death. Broken bones, head and brain injuries, neck and spinal injuries and internal bleeding are all injuries that are commonly experienced by individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Source: Alabama Live, “Alabama, Mississippi near top of the country for teen driving deaths,” Debbie M. Lord, Oct. 2, 2012

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