Simulator proves dangers associated with distracted driving

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Every day across the nation and in state like Alabama, teen drivers are involved in car accidents. Many of these accidents are attributable to distracted driving behaviors like texting while driving. Despite the recently enacted ban in Alabama on texting while driving, many teen drivers continue to text while driving. Some teens near Birmingham recently experienced firsthand the many dangers associated with texting and driving.

As part of the annual Crash Course Teen Driving Summit, teen drivers recently had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a police car. Once behind the wheel, teen drivers were outfitted with goggles that displayed virtual simulations of real-life traffic incidents. Teens were then asked to attempt to send a text message. Nearly all of the students who tried the simulator crashed within 10 seconds attempting to send a text message while driving.

The virtual simulation provided an important reminder to teens on the dangers associated with texting and driving. Many teens were amazed at how difficult it was to text while driving and continually crashed their virtual car despite several attempts.

Rates of fatal car accidents involving Alabama teens remain amongst the highest in the nation. In an effort to educate teen drivers regarding the importance of engaging in safe driving behaviors, safety experts from several Alabama agencies have banned together in hopes of preventing accidents and saving lives.

Car accidents often result in those involved sustaining various injuries. Head and neck injuries, broken bones and contusions and internal injuries are all commonly experienced by individuals involved in car accidents. Many of these injuries require medical treatment as well as long-term rehabilitative therapies.

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