Alabama drivers urged to drive cautiously this holiday season

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As Alabama residents prepare for the approaching Christmas and New Years Eve holidays, Alabama Department of Transportation officials are urging drivers to be safe. Every year during the winter holiday season thousands of Alabamans travel to spend time with family and friends. Drivers who fail to abide by traffic laws and employ safe driving practices increase the likelihood of being involved in a serious or fatal car accident.

In an effort to aid in safer highway driving conditions, ALDOT officials plan to halt all road work and construction on Alabama highways during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Doing so, ALDOT officials contend, not only serves to protect drivers, but also the lives of individuals who work on road construction crews.

Drivers who plan to travel during the upcoming holidays are encouraged to practice safe driving behaviors. To help prevent car accidents, drivers are urged to follow posted speed limits, stay alert and attentive while driving and make sure that all vehicle occupants are properly restrained.

Alcohol is also a major contributing factor in many car accidents that occur around the holidays. For the safety of everyone on the road, drivers should not drink and drive. Likewise, individuals who plan to drink at festive gatherings should make sure they have a safe way to get home.

Each year, Alabamans are confronted with stories of individuals or families who are injured or killed in car accidents while traveling for the holidays. These types of stories are tragic at any time of year, but especially so during the holidays.

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