Alabama set to crack down on uninsured drivers

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When two or more motor vehicles are involved in an accident, it’s important that the drivers involved call the police and exchange car insurance information. Car insurance protects drivers in the event they are involved in a car accident in which they or another involved driver or passenger sustain injuries.

Under Alabama state law, drivers are required to carry at least liability coverage in the amount of $25,000. Even this amount, however, would likely not cover an individual’s medical expenses should they be injured in a serious car accident. Despite the state law requiring drivers to carry insurance, an alarming number of drivers with Alabama driver’s licenses fail to do so.

An estimated 22 percent of Alabama drivers do not have car insurance. Many of these drivers attempt to scam the system by applying and paying for car insurance long enough to obtain a proof of insurance card. Once they have an insurance card, many simply allow the insurance to lapse. A new insurance monitoring system, however, will make it easier for Alabama police to identify motorists who do not have insurance.

Effective January 1, 2013, the Alabama Online Insurance Verification System will automatically allow a police officer to determine whether or not a motorist has an active insurance policy. Current penalties for drivers found to be driving without insurance can result in a fine of up to $500 and driver’s license suspension of 45 days.

Uninsured Alabama drivers who are involved in car or truck accidents end up costing all Alabama residents. Car accidents often result in those individuals involved sustaining minor to serious injuries or even death. The costs associated with car accidents can be astronomical and drivers found negligent of causing an accident are held responsible for financial obligations.

Source: WWNT Radio, “Alabama Getting Tough on Uninsured Motorists,” Dec. 17, 2012

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