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Rental Car Companies & Damaging Practices

An investigative journalist for the Washington Post recently took a hard look at potential fraud in the car rental industry.  After renting and returning a car from  rental companies, several customers claim that they received a bill for damage to the vehicle even though they did not damage the vehicle in any way. 

Seat belt use factor in many Alabama car accident fatalities

In years past, individuals involved in car accidents were very likely to sustain serious injuries of even fatal injuries. Today, states like Alabama have worked hard to make safety improvements to both rural and urban roads and highways. Additionally, car manufacturers have greatly improved the safety and handling of cars and trucks through technology including stability control, front and side-impact airbags and reinforced impact protection.

Product Liability Tort Reform: What's the Real Cost?

Corporations that make and sell products that hurt people have zealously fought and lobbied to reduce their liability. They've succeeded, too.  In the past decade or so, most states have enacted some form of product liability tort reform, ranging from non-economic damage caps to statutes that absolve sellers and distributors from any liability at all.  Their most appealing argument has always been that product liability litigation --lawsuits brought by victims who were injured in some way by a defective or unsafe product --are a drag or a drain on our economic system.

Students taken to hospital after car and school bus collide

School zones are often congested and busy areas. Parents in cars, vans and trucks dropping off or picking up children, school buses and pedestrians make the streets around schools especially dangerous and greatly increase the likelihood that an accident will occur.

Alabama's safe driving laws passable, still room for improvement

In recent years many states, including Alabama, have made great strides in attempting to promote safe driving practices. Despite the passage of several laws specifically geared towards reducing the number of car accidents in which both teens and distracted drivers are involved, a recent report contends Alabama has room for improvement.

Police believe alcohol factor in fatal Alabama car accident

Drivers who choose to drink and drive often display erratic driving behaviors. Swerving and crossing over the center line, driving too slow or fast and veering off the road are all signs that a driver may be intoxicated. Alabama state police suspect alcohol was a factor in a recent fatal car accident in which a 33-year-old woman was killed.

Contingency Fees: How You Pay Your Lawyer Matters

In the past few years, big corporations, medical associations, and the insurance industry have urged legislators to put a cap on contingency fees.  These special interests launched their attack against contingency fees through hired lobbyists and PR experts who portrayed the contingency fee as a way to enrich trial lawyers while cutting into the pockets of the victims.  In reality, contingency fees are a valuable part of our civil justice system.

Driver's actions called into question after fatal truck accident

At times while driving, it can be difficult to gauge the speed at which other vehicles are traveling. This is especially true when those vehicles are up ahead and traveling in the same direction. This is a major reason why it's so important for drivers of stalled motor vehicles to make sure to pull a stalled vehicle over to the far right shoulder of the road.

Family of woman killed in I-459 accident may file wrongful death claim

Drivers who choose to engage in reckless driving behaviors risk not only their life, but also those of everyone else on the road. A wrongful death that occurred last April was the topic of a recent hearing at which a man faced charges stemming from reckless driving and endangerment.

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