Monitoring tools increase safety for teen drivers

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Thanks to new advances in technology, parents in Alabama are now able to monitor their children’s driving. One of the leading causes of death for teenagers is car accidents, so it is no wonder that parents worry about their children’s safety when they are on the road. However, dashboard cameras and geographic monitoring are allowing parents to keep track of their teen’s behaviors behind the wheel.

One product, the Drivecam, will turn on and start recording video footage when a driver does something unsafe. This monitoring makes teens more cautious about their driving habits since they will be caught on film if they are being reckless. The video is also viewed by the manufacturer’s data center and provides parents with suggestions for their children to improve their driving.

Another way that parents can keep track of their children when driving is to use a geolocation tracking service, such as Geofencing. Geofencing can track exactly where children are and how fast they are driving. This can help prevent teens from speeding, and it makes it easier for parents to keep track of where they are. This product is already installed in some vehicles by the manufacturer, but it can also be installed by a third party as well.

If someone is involved in an accident caused by a driver of any age, they can end up sustaining serious injuries and damage to their vehicle. If someone has been in a collision, they may want to speak with an attorney who could explain their rights and options for recourse.

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