Seat belts not used in 59 percent of fatal car crashes in Alabama

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According to a recent report released by the Alabama Department of Transportation, 59 percent of the people who were killed during car accidents were not wearing seat belts at the time the accidents occurred. The report is based on preliminary data collected by Alabama State Troopers during 2012.

In 2012 alone, 424 people died in car accidents in which seat belts were available. Of those 424 fatalities, 251 were not wearing their seat belts. Alabama law requires front-seat passengers and children between ages 6 and 15 to wear seat belts at all times. Any child under the age of 6 must sit in a federally approved child seat as well.

Whenever people are injured in serious car accidents, they may be entitled to compensation based on the negligence of the other motorists. This is especially true if someone is involved in a fatal car accident. However, in order to ensure that you have the right to pursue this compensation, you should follow all the laws required of a motorist or passenger, including wearing your seat belt.

In Alabama, people who have bee injured in car accidents that were caused by the negligence of other drivers may seek damages. Hiring the services of personal injury lawyers may help you obtain the maximum amount of damages allowed by your state, based on the negligence of other motorists involved in the traffic accident. Personal injury lawyers may explain injured parties’ rights and options and recommend courses of action. Personal injury lawyers may also clarify the complex processes that the injured parties may have to go through.

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