Alabama airport sign collapses and kills 10-year-old

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On March 22nd, a display at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport collapsed and killed a 10-year-old boy while injuring his mother and two siblings. The display that collapsed was part of a renovation taking place at the Alabama airport as the terminal underwent several updates aimed at making it more modern.

When the young boy was standing near the display with his family, the structure suddenly collapsed without warning. Without enough time to get away from the display, the young boy was killed in the fatal accident and his family members were sent to the hospital with other injuries.

Since the time of the accident, several investigations are underway to help determine what caused the accident and what can be done to further secure the other renovations already completed in the terminal. The airport display that collapsed was one of four such displays. The other three have since been removed from the airport to prevent any other tragedies from occurring.

With several investigations underway, information is starting to come to light that some of the displays that were installed in the airport terminal were modified for stabilization. To make matters even more complicated, several contractors and subcontractors were used to install the displays, making it difficult to know who exactly is responsible for the display falling.

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