Alabama pedestrian struck by car at festival entrance

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A pedestrian was the near an entrance to the Whistle Stop festival on Church Street when he was struck by a car. A security guard of the festival states that he heard the wreck and saw the car drive past and that the car did not appear to be speeding. The driver of the car was arrested for driving under the influence.

The accident occurred around 10 p.m. on a Saturday evening, and police believe that the pedestrian is homeless. Police say that although he suffered severe injuries, those injuries are not expected to be life threatening. In alcohol-related crashes such as these, it is wise for the accused to seek the representation of a lawyer.

DUI convictions in Alabama carry strict consequences such as fines, fees, community service, probation and even jail time. The severity of the consequences can be influenced by factors such as whether or not anyone was injured or died as a result of the accident as well as the driver’s driving record. Other factors may influence the consequences as well, such as whether or not any other traffic violations were committed. People who already have so many DUI convictions on their driving records could be facing a felony DUI charge. Moreover, if a pedestrian is hit, as in the case above, the accused could be charged with vehicular assault. If someone is hit in a hit and run, then the DUI can become a felony as well.

People facing DUI charges might benefit from a DUI lawyer who may be able to negotiate with the prosecution for leniency in sentencing. For example, a DUI lawyer may negotiate a shorter jail sentence in exchange for the accused enrolling in a substance abuse treatment program.

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