Former Foe Lauds MRB Attorney David Marsh

On Behalf of | May 7, 2013 | Around the Firm

What greater compliment could there be when a lawyer you opposed in a case tells the world what a great lawyer you are?  That’s just what happened to Marsh, Rickard & Bryan founding partner David Marsh today when a Chicago lawyer sang David’s praises.

When Greg Vogler of McAndrews, Held & Malloy Ltd. in Chicago was asked by Law360 about an attorney in his field, but outside his own firm, who has impressed him, he responded “David Marsh”.  Mr. Vogler and David faced each other in a complex trade secrets case in Alabama.  After full and extensive discovery, Mr. Vogler and David were able to negotiate an amicable end to the case more than a year ago.

Mr. Vogler described David as “approach[ing] litigation as a gentleman, respecting all involved, and used the facts and law to cement his credibility….[H]is sincere, no-nonsense approach would have appealed to jurors, and his trial skill set was evident”.

The full interview with Mr. Vogler can be found here

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