Lawyers seat jury in Jackson wrongful death case

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Alabama residents who follow celebrity news may be interested to learn that a jury has been chosen in the case between Michael Jackson’s mother and the company that sponsored what would have been the star’s comeback tour. The complaint alleges that the company, AEG, negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray to treat Jackson without verifying his background, ultimately resulting in the singer’s wrongful death in 2009. The doctor recently appealed his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

The lawyers assembled more than 100 people prior to beginning jury selection. Many of them were dismissed due to the hardship of serving for approximately three months, preconceived notions or a tie to one of the parties. On April 22, both sides accepted a jury composed of 12 individuals, half men and half women. The parties will also seat alternate jurors.

The complaint was filed by Jackson’s mother on behalf of herself and Jackson’s children and seeks $40 million in damages. If the jury finds that the company was responsible for Jackson’s death, they will assess the amount of damages they believe to be appropriate. The case may be complicated by the fact that the company had not signed a contract with Dr. Murray prior to Jackson’s death.

If an employer is determined to be liable for the wrongful acts of an employee committed within the scope of his or her employment, damages in a wrongful death case can include lost earning potential, medical bills incurred prior to death, funeral costs and compensation for the damage to the relationship between the deceased and any surviving children or parents. A personal injury attorney may be able to help those who have lost a loved one evaluate their cases and seek justice from wrongdoers.

Source: WVTM-TV, “Jury is seated in Jackson wrongful death case,” Linda Deutsch, April 22, 2013

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