Head injuries may cause an increase in the risk of stroke

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Alabama residents who have suffered a stroke may be interested to learn that individuals who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries are more likely to suffer from a stroke. Researchers in Taiwan discovered an association between the two brain injuries after searching through hospital records in 2011.

After these results were reported, research staff from the University of Michigan and the VA Center for Clinical Management Research investigated emergency room billing records from between 2005 to 2009. Of 436,000 people who visited the ER after suffering from traumatic brain injury, 30 percent were more likely to suffer from a stroke over those that did not have a traumatic brain injury. More than 1 percent did end up suffering a stroke later on.

It is still unknown exactly what the association between the two means. Those who have had traumatic brain injuries may already be in poorer health than those who did not suffer one, which would increase the risk of stroke. The risk for stroke may also increase due to the damage that occurs to the blood vessels in the brain.

Even with this association, those who have suffered brain trauma should not panic. It is recommended that they continue to reduce the risk of stroke by being aware of the warning signs and maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Individuals who have suffered from severe brain injury due to an accident have a long road to recovery. A brain injury attorney may be able to help their client obtain compensation by bringing filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the injury. The attorney may be able to gain compensation for long-term expenses, including medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation and pain and suffering.

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