Car accident changes Alabama man’s life in an instant

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A Daphne High School teacher and assistant coach has learned how car accidents can change lives in just a few seconds. On August 1, 2012, he was driving his Chevrolet Tahoe southbound on Alabama 181 near the overpass on Interstate 10 when his vehicle was hit from behind by another vehicle making a left turn onto the interstate.

The teacher, 30 years old at the time, was ejected from his SUV as it flipped. When he came to at South Alabama Medical Center three weeks later, doctors told him that he was lucky to be alive. A few days later, he was told that he would be paralyzed for life from the chest down. Three days after that, he began rehabilitation at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

In September, however, he began to move his toes. Now, while still getting around mostly in his wheelchair, he is able to walk some with crutches and has a specially equipped van so he can drive himself around. He returned to teaching in January and his coaching duties later that spring.

A person who sustains injuries in a car accident caused by someone else may be eligible for compensation under Alabama’s personal injury laws. When a victim is injured severely, they may need a personal injury lawyer to make sure that their rights are protected when it comes to a settlement with the liability insurance company. Severely injured victims can be entitled to medical expenses for past and future treatment, lost wages if they cannot work, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering. A lawyer could present victims’ claims in their pursuit of compensation.

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