Elder abuse common in Alabama

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Those who are thinking about having their elderly parents or loved ones enter into nursing homes may be surprised and shocked to hear that Alabama holds a D when it comes to nursing home care. A former nursing home employee who witnessed multiple incidents of nursing home neglect in Alabama, agreed with the rating.

The report was published after a hidden camera video surfaced of a woman being abused by a nursing home employee at a Texas facility. The woman, who was 97-years-old and could not speak, began showing bruises on her hand and eyes. The former employee stated that this type of abuse does happen in Alabama care facilities without much notice because 80 percent of the victims cannot speak or do not have the mental capabilities to report their abuse.

The woman claimed to have seen an incident where an aide ripped the skin of an elderly woman as they were trying to push her wheelchair through a door frame. The aide simply put a sweater on her and sat her in the day room. She stated that she’s seen infected bedsore wounds that were 1/2 inch deep. In some cases, employees were fired over their handling of elderly individuals after complaints were filed by family members. The former employee recommended that family members should check on their elderly loved ones daily as it is more difficult for abuse to take place if the employees know that the family is watching.

Elder abuse can lead to extensive injuries or even death. An experienced Alabama attorney may be able to help a family who believes that their elderly loved one is being abused in a nursing home. The attorney may be able to bring a lawsuit against the facility using medical records and other evidence to establish a pattern of abuse.

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