Court date set in fatal Alabama airport accident case

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A court date has been set for a high profile wrongful death trial that will take place in Birmingham. The trial will begin on November 3, 2014, almost 18 months after the accident that led to the death of a child on March 22, 2013.

The accident occurred at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport when a sign weighing more than 300 pounds fell on several members of a family of seven traveling back to their home in Kansas after a spring break trip to Destin. The family’s 10-year-old son was killed by the impact, and the boy’s mother and two of his brothers were injured in the incident. The area of the airport where the accident occurred had recently undergone extensive renovations.

The lawsuit names the nine contractors involved in the airport renovations as defendants in the case. The judge met with attorneys representing both sides before setting the trial date and indicated that the date was firm because he is planning to retire after this case is complete. The judge said that he felt a responsibility to see the case through until it ended because he did not want to leave such a complex case to a new judge. The attorney for the plaintiffs and an attorney representing one of the firms named as a defendant indicated that they would be ready to present their cases when the trial date arrived.

Individuals who have lost a family member as the result of the negligent actions of others may need professional assistance to seek justice in a court of law. Attorneys working in the area of personal injury may be able to help their clients to prepare a solid case so they can be compensated for their pain and suffering.Source:,”Kansas mother recovering after Birmingham airport sign collapse not yet told of her son’s death, said the family’s priest (Updated),” Carol Robinson, March 25, 2013

Source: Alabama’s 13, “Judge sets trial date in Bresette family’s wrongful death lawsuit”, Sarah Killian, September 20, 2013

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