Investigators look into deadly crash

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When a UPS plane crashed in Alabama and two pilots lost their lives, federal authorities couldn’t find any issues with the jet’s controls. A National Transportation Safety Board member reported that the controls seemed to be working properly before the wrongful death.

Investigators continue to look into the reasons for the accident as they sort through the remnants of the plane. They previously indicated that an alarm that went off before the crash showed that the plane was rapidly losing altitude. However, the data recorder seemed to be functioning correctly. At the time of the accident, a runway with a more comprehensive guidance system was shut down at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport; instead, the plane used a runway that didn’t have the same technology. Pilots feel that the second runway is more difficult to navigate; however, the NTSB has not said if the runway’s design contributed to the crash.

Authorities don’t know if either pilot had made landings on that runway in the past. Speed did not appear to be a factor in the accident. The crew began their day in Rockford, Illinois; went on to Peoria, Illinois; flew to Louisville, Kentucky, and planned to land in Birmingham, Alabama, as their final destination. Authorities are also reviewing how much rest the pilots had before the flight. They found that the pilots had received keys to rooms that the company reserved for the crew, but they don’t know if the pilots used the rooms.

When someone loses their life in an unexpected accident, family members might not know if they should take legal action. A personal injury attorney might be able to help clients review their case and file a lawsuit, if appropriate.

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