Multi-vehicle crash injures two sheriff’s deputies

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Two Alabama sheriff’s deputies were injured in a multi-vehicle accident that happened five miles west of Gadsden. The head-on collision took place in the afternoon and also involved two trucks. Following the car accident, both sheriff’s deputies suffered injuries that were reported to be non-life-threatening. There have been no reports about the condition of the other drivers involved in the collision.

While traveling together in Attalla in an unmarked car, the two sheriff’s deputies had been waiting to make a left turn. According to official reports, a truck hit the deputies’ unmarked car in a head-on collision. The impact of the crash caused the cops’ vehicle to crash into a lumber truck. It is unclear whether the lumber truck was parked or being driven at the time of the accident.

When medical personnel arrived at the scene, both sheriff’s deputies were conscious and alert before being transported to the hospital. Although victims of multi-vehicle car accidents may report only minor injuries at the scene, hidden injuries can reveal themselves over time. Even if the injuries in this case appear minor, the two sheriff’s deputies may wish to be treated by a chiropractor to ensure long-term spinal health.

Because medical costs following a car accident come as a surprise, many victims are unprepared for the financial burden. A lawyer may be able to assist victims who wish to seek financial compensation for their injuries. After determining which driver was at fault, a lawyer may be able to gather evidence of reckless driving and present this to a jury if a fair settlement couldn’t be reached out of court.

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