Alabama man charged with manslaughter in fatal wreck

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A man has been charged with four counts of manslaughter in connection with a July 14 accident that killed four people. The driver was also charged with obstructing governmental operations and making a false report. He was charged with lying about the incident because his account of the car accident did not correspond with the evidence uncovered in the police investigation.

On Nov. 13, the man was arrested, and his bond was revoked. He was charged with criminal trespassing, three counts of second-degree assault and the manslaughter charges. According to authorities, the accident took place in Guntersville on U.S. Highway 431. A truck carrying nine people flipped over, killing four occupants.

If a fatal accident is the result of distracted driving, speeding or driving while intoxicated, the surviving families may be eligible for financial compensation. A settlement can be negotiated to replace the income the deceased persons would have made in their lifetime, plus reimbursement for funeral and medical expenses.

An Alabama lawyer with a history of personal injury cases could work with the family of a person killed in an accident. A lawyer may have the necessary resources to research and investigate a case to determine the best approach to move forward. Some cases could be resolved out of court through negotiations with the at-fault driver and their insurance carrier.

If negotiations do not bring a satisfactory result, the next step may be a civil court trial. It will be up to the jury to review all of the evidence including testimony given by experts and witnesses. If the case seems credible to the jury, then a substantial financial settlement may be awarded to the family of the decedent.

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