1 killed in truck accident in Mobile

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Car accidents can happen in seconds and the results can be tragic. Compounding a family’s grief due to the loss of a loved one can be that realization that another person’s negligence or reckless caused the accident.

Those in Alabama might have heard about this accident that cost a 66-year-old woman her life. According to police, she was killed when a truck left the roadway, and struck her vehicle, which was parked in a Wendy’s parking lot at the time. The accident took place at around 12:35 p.m., according to the reports, and only two people were involved.

This case is a little unusual, because a truck went off the road, but it’s not clear why. The 59-year-old man was driving a Ford F-150 the woman was in a Toyota Prius, which was in the parking lot at the Wendy’s on Airport Blvd. Police did not report intoxication or speed as a cause.

Authorities on the scene reported that the man didn’t seem to have any injuries. He was taken to the hospital for observation, however. Police have reported that the incident is still under investigation, so no charges have been placed yet.

In wrongful death cases, you can be left with financial difficulties and emotional scars from the sudden loss of a loved one. It’s important that you understand your right to compensation for the bills and financial impact you may have to face. Speaking with an attorney may make it easier to understand the steps you can take to hold a reckless or negligent party responsible for their actions.

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