2 injured in serious 4-car accident in Alabama

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Injuries from car accidents or other vehicular incidents can leave you in serious condition. When you’re involved in truck accidents caused by negligent drivers, you may be concerned about who will pay the bills. If you were hit by someone who was drinking and driving, under the influence of drugs, or negligent, you deserve the right to be heard and the right to seek compensation.

According to news out of Opelika, Alabama, two people were injured in a four-car pileup on Wednesday, Jan. 29. The accident took place on I-85 near the U.S. 280 exit, according to the news, and police were called to the scene at around 10:10 a.m. Reports stated that the initial investigation showed that the Ford F-150 on the scene was traveling south. It may have lost control, crossing over the median and heading into the northbound lane.

When the truck entered the northbound lane, it hit a semi-truck and then a Toyota Yaris. It didn’t stop there, though, and it flipped before striking a third vehicle, a Chevy Cobalt. Each vehicle fortunately had only one person inside. According to police, the driver of the F-150 and the Cobalt both had to be taken to the hospital. The driver of the Cobalt was last known to be in serious condition, according to the news.

With the weather being unusually cold and icy in the south, it’s important that drivers are very careful. Slowing down and paying attention to the road is vital. In some cases, that may be all it takes to prevent these accidents from happening at all.

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