Lincoln recall addresses problem with transmission sensor

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A recall by Ford may affect Alabama drivers of the certain Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedans. A manufacturing error could affect the range sensors of the transmissions in affected vehicles, leading to the potential for malfunctions and related car accidents. The recall affects 7,153 vehicles that were assembled in 2012 and 2013.

The manufacturing error makes it possible for the transmission sensors to operate incorrectly. The model years affected use dashboard buttons in place of shift levers for shifting vehicles into gear. Because of the vehicle defect, it is possible that the sedans can be shifted from the park setting without the simultaneous pressing of the brake pedal. Ford will be contacting the owners of vehicles affected by the issue so that arrangements can be made for repairs at local dealerships. The defect will be addressed through the update of Powertrain Control Module software, and owners will not be charged for the service.

It is possible to contact the manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to learn more about the affected models and related services. Recalls are often addressed proactively by manufacturers, and, as in this case, services are usually covered at no cost to the affected owners. It is important for vehicle owners to note vehicle-related communications that arrive by mail, especially those coming directly from manufacturers, to ensure that recall information is noted and addressed. In cases of safety systems in a vehicle, failure to have recall services performed may leave a driver exposed to the risk of injury in a car accident.

An accident resulting from unusual vehicle performance may be difficult to address. It may be helpful to work with a car accident lawyer to evaluate existing recalls, patterns of similar accidents and mechanical malfunctions that may have led to such an incident.

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