Alabama roads result in car accidents from weather

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With winter conditions worse than usual across many of the states, it’s no surprise that Alabama has also suffered from the ice and snow. According to the news, though, car accidents related to the weather are being held accountable for at least seven deaths and dozens of injuries across the state. Reports claim that at least 23 people have been injured in wrecks due to the weather conditions as of Jan. 29.

According to reports, seven people were killed in accidents in Birmingham, near Wetumpka, in Tuscaloosa, in Chilton County, and near Collinsville. In a few cases, single-car accidents were the cause, but in one, a train collided with a vehicle and in another a two-car accident left two dead and five people injured. In that accident, which took place in Wetumpka on a bridge, ice may have been a factor, according to police. At least one of the people in that accident was left in critical condition, according to the news. In the train accident in Tuscaloosa, two people were killed and three others were injured. A 57-year-old man and 39-year-old were killed; the three injured were not identified.

Because of the severity of conditions, people were being asked to stay off roadways in Alabama. When speed or negligence is added to severe weather conditions, serious accidents can be a result. If you’ve been seriously hurt in a motor vehicle accident involving a negligent driver, it’s important to seek out your options. You may be able to seek compensation for your injuries, so you can take the time needed to get well without financial concerns.

Source: All Alabama, “7 dead, dozens injured after countless wrecks on icy roads across Alabama” Nicole Emmett, Jan. 30, 2014

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