Elder law passes in Alabama

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In Alabama, families may have to place elderly members into nursing care. However, if you’ve ever looked into it, you know that nursing home neglect can happen, and that may make you worry. Fortunately, a new law has been passed that aims to protect Alabama’s senior citizens from abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect, and that should make you feel better.

According to the news from Feb. 9, the law, called LS29, was passed by the legislature in August 2013, but the police and other law enforcement agencies just recently received a memorandum that informed them about the new law. The legislation, called the Protecting Alabama’s Elders Act, was made by over 30 different public and private agencies. The new law provides a way for law enforcement agencies to prosecute those who have targeted senior citizens. Under this act, a person can be prosecuted as a first, second, or third-degree abuse or neglect charge, depending on the severity of harm to the victim. The law also ranges from class A felonies to Class C felonies, and the punishments can range from one year in prison to life. With the new law in place, new sections have been added to the Alabama criminal code.

If you have to place your loved one in a nursing home, knowing that legislators care about crimes against the elderly is important. However, that may not stop all abuse from happening. If you suspect abuse has taken place, you may want to speak with an attorney. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the guilty party.

Source: The Southeast Sun, “Mathis addresses new law on elderly abuse” Ariana Diaz, Feb. 09, 2014

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