Nursing home abuse news shocks son of 91-year-old woman

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When you place a loved one in nursing care, you may be concerned about a number of things. Falls, neglect and even abuse can take place. In this case you may have heard about in Alabama, the police in South Carolina are having to investigate allegations of nursing home neglect in Rock Hill.

According to the report from March 19, a caretaker has been accused of abuse. It’s reported that he grabbed the resident so hard that he left a wound deep enough to require stitches. Police have reported that the victim told her son about the abuse, and he took action to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

The man placed an audio recorder in his mother’s room, and one night, the caretaker was caught in a heated conversation on her phone. The man had allegedly yelled at the 91-year-old woman to get up but then tore the woman out of bed so hard that he actually ripped her skin.

The woman has also complained about being verbally and physically abused by the man. She had reported being scared of man. Now, the Westminster Health and Rehabilitation Center has to respond to these serious allegations and a person who may be putting their residents at risk.

The Westminster nursing facility officials have said that the individual in the allegations is no longer working at their facility. However, that hasn’t prevented the woman from suffering the injuries she already has. Now, the State Department of Health and Environmental Control, along with the police, are investigating the incident. The injured resident may have the right to seek compensation for her injuries, as well as the emotional trauma associated with the assault.

Source: WISTV, “Rock Hill Police investigate nursing home abuse allegations” Ashton Pellom, Mar. 19, 2014

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