Teen’s death may help draw attention to alcohol-related crashes

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The March 24 news from Alabama may not surprise you after the recent death of a teen. After the car accident involving a 19-year-old woman from Texas and a drunk driver took place along Alabama’s coast, public safety has become a major concern. The sister cities along the coast are allegedly trying to stay vigilant during the spring and summer seasons. It’s believed that new beach and safety rules will soon be discussed and enforced in the area to help prevent this kind of accident from happening again. The area is a popular stop for teens and college-aged adults who want to get away to somewhere warm for spring break.

The news states that the accident that killed a 19-year-old woman was isolated, but that doesn’t make it any less upsetting. On March 21, she was killed when a man driving his vehicle struck her while driving under the influence. At the time, she had been visiting the area with friends on her spring break. Initially, the driver fled the area, but he was apprehend shortly after the accident.

According to the news on Alabama.com, the 29-year-old man left the scene of the accident but later admitted to drinking when he was stopped by police. He wouldn’t take a breath test, though, according to the police’s records. Now, he’s being held without bond.

In lieu of this tragic incident, the area of the Gulf Shores has been looking to make improvements for the sake of public safety. In this case, the woman had been walking in a bicycle lane, according to the news, but the man’s pickup truck went out of the lane and struck her. One witness claimed that the man had been weaving all over the road, according to NBC DFW. This was despite the fact that there were many students, teens and younger adults out on the roads at the time.

Compensation may be sought by the families of those who were killed in an accident that occurred due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. Claims may include wrongful death, final expenses, medical expenses and emotional distress, among others. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide more information on how to seek compensation through the civil court system.

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