Accident involving 7 cars results in injuries in Alabama

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Large pile-up accidents can happen quickly on the roads, especially on interstates. With plenty of vehicles around moving at high speeds, even single-car accidents or minor car accidents can end up turning into a major issue. On Interstate 85 in Alabama, seven cars reportedly were involved in an accident near the I-65 South interchange in Montgomery.

The news reports that one vehicle allegedly came to a stop on the highway. That resulted in six other vehicles hitting the rear of the vehicles in front of them. This incident was not without injuries. The MPD and Fire Rescue units reported to the scene and claimed there were minor injuries. The people who were injured in the accident were sent to Jackson Hospital for treatment, and one woman gave her explanation of what happened.

According to the woman, who was driving an 18-passenger van, her vehicle was last in the chain-reaction. There had been a different case of some type being worked in the far right lane of I-85 South by Alabama State Troopers. She reported that the car in the front of the line slammed on its breaks, and she had nowhere to go. She claims she would have hit another vehicle or a median if she’d moved into another lane.

The woman and her family were on their way to Mobile before the accident. Her daughter suffered a lip injury, and both her daughter and son were taken to the hospital. There were no reports about other injuries in the accident, but the accident did result in two lanes being blocked while the vehicles were removed.

Even in cases where you only suffer minor injuries, you still have to cover the cost of treatment. If someone else has caused your car accident, then it’s likely that he or she should pay for your medical bills. It’s worth discussing with someone you trust.

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