Car accident in Alabama claims the life of sheriff’s deputy

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If you live in the area near Covington, Alabama, you may have heard about the deputy who recently passed away while trying to aid victims of a crash. According to the news from April 18, the man was on his way to the site of the accident when his vehicle was struck by another vehicle. He died from his injuries.

When you lose a loved one in a situation like this, it’s important to know where your compensation will come from. Since he was on duty, this man’s family may receive death benefits from workers’ compensation. His family may also receive compensation for his death from the person responsible for the crash. This kind of information may also apply in your situation.

In this particular case, the 46-year-old deputy was on his way to an accident when his and another vehicle collided on Alabama Highway 55. He was headed for Libertyville, where there were reported injuries related to another accident. It’s not been said whether the deputy had his lights on at the time of the accident or if recent weather conditions may have played a role in the car accident.

According to the news, the accident occurred around 7:40 a.m. It’s not clear what exactly caused the accident, but negligence, distractions or drunk driving will all be considered during the investigation. The deputy and the other driver in this accident had to be transported to the Andalusia Regional Hospital due to the extent of their injuries. Unfortunately, the deputy, who has been working with the sheriff’s office in Covington County, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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