Cyclist seriously injured in car collision

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A bicyclist from Hoover, Alabama, suffered a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident when a vehicle struck him in Vestavia Hills. According to authorities, the accident occurred at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon. Both firefighters and police responded immediately to the accident scene, and the injured cyclist was transported to the hospital.

According to initial reports from emergency responders, the man was injured gravely in this Alabama crash. However, a hospital spokesperson later reported that the man was doing better and is currently in fair condition. As of yet, no further details have been released as to how this accident may have occurred.

The injured man is well known in the community as a bicyclist. Every day, he rides his bicycle to Samford University, where he is employed as a professor of computer science. According to a published article about the man’s cycling activities, he is known for riding more than 3,084 miles in the span of only 47 days.

It is certainly fortunate that the Alabama bicyclist in this crash has survived his injures. However, his time in the hospital will be costly and depending on how this accident occurred, he may wish to investigate the viability of pursuing a personal injury claim. Like many Alabama car accidents, if this accident was caused due to the driver’s negligence and/or unlawful behavior, the bicyclist may wish to hold the driver responsible for the costs associated with his treatment, rehabilitation and care — in addition to other financial damages incurred as a result of the crash.

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