How do pregnancies affect car collision statistics?

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Pregnant women in Alabama are often given a long list of things they can, can’t, should or shouldn’t due during their pregnancies. A new study suggests one more thing that pregnant women may want to keep in mind. While women are going through the second trimester in particular, they may want to be extra careful while operating a motor vehicle in order to bypass the increased chance of a car collision.

Fortunately, while women are in their first trimester accident risks were shown to be approximately the same as for non-pregnant females. Nevertheless, no matter what stage a pregnant woman is in, her car accident stats will still be lower than young male drivers. As such, ladies should not feel the need to hand over the keys to young husbands, who tend to have higher car crash statistics across the board.

Research recommend that pregnant ladies engage in safer driving tactics, such as always obeying stop signs, avoiding speeding and taking care to minimize distractions. Basically, if standard safe driving practices are successfully adhered to, it may serve to minimize the increase in accident tendency. Interestingly, researchers indicated that all of the crashes that their study analyzed were avoidable had the pregnant woman made just a small change in her driving practices.

Still, when an Alabama driver is hurt in an accident caused by another driver, the situation is largely out of his or her control. No matter how careful we are, there will always be another irresponsible — in many cases unconscionably unlawful — motor vehicle operator with whom we must share the road.

When negligent or unlawful drivers cause harm to fellow drivers in car accidents, the injured parties may be entitled to valuable financial compensation to cover the immense cost of medical care required to recover from their injuries. Also, considering that many drivers do not have health insurance to cover the high cost of a hospital stay, the successful pursuit of personal injury damages could be the only hope that a person could obtain funding to recover from their injuries.

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