Alabama car accidents: 3 injured in Birmingham collision

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Car accidents in Alabama usually happen when we least expect them to. Not only that, but the permanent and lifelong injuries that often result from car accidents can change the course of our lives in a heartbeat. Recently, such a life-changing and tragic incident occurred in Birmingham, and it is hoped that the three pedestrian and driver who were injured will make a complete recovery.

The two-car incident occurred during the morning hours after a car driver ran through a red light. Birmingham police say that the car struck a van after failing to stop at the traffic signal. The impact of the collision caused the car to spinout and crash to a group of people who were on the sidewalk.

Three pedestrians were injured. One pedestrian was in critical condition. Another suffered broken bones. One more suffered less severe injuries but complained that he or she was in pain. As of midday on May 28, they were all still in the hospital. The car driver also required hospital treatment, but the van driver escaped unharmed.

Police in Birmingham have not yet indicated what charges, if any, they will press against the car driver. The results of police investigations in this regard will nevertheless be important to the pedestrians who were harmed in this crash. Indeed, police reports do tend to weigh heavily in civil court cases seeking to recover damages for injuries suffered in car accidents. Some of the injured pedestrians may wish to investigate such claims in this case as well.

Source: WVTM Birmingham, “Three pedestrians struck in 2-vehicle wreck on 3rd Avenue in Birmingham” Danielle Deavours, May. 28, 2014

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