Nursing home neglect case filed after death of 31-year-old man

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A case of nursing home neglected has resulted in a lawsuit against a nursing facility in Texas. Allegations in the lawsuit include improper treatment of nursing home residents and one instance where a man died due to an infection after being hospitalized. The suit was filed by the state of Texas on behalf of that state’s Department of Aging and Disability Services. Although this case did not occur in Alabama, it is unfortunate that numerous reported and unreported instances of nursing home neglect occur in this state and elsewhere throughout the nation.

The instant lawsuit came about after state agencies received complaints regarding the mistreatment of patients suffering from bedsores at a nursing home. The lawsuit is asking that the nursing facility pay as much as $20,000 for every violation. The suit says that various safety and health codes and minimum care standards were violated by the home. Also, the home allegedly failed to keep accurate medical records.

According to a spokesperson for the state’s aging and disability services department, the agency began to investigate complaints against the nursing home in early 2013. One of the complaints related to a deceased patient who had spinal bifida. Family members said that the man had a large bed sore on his scrotum. Later, the 31-year-old spinal bifida patient died after nursing staff failed to give the bedsore proper treatment and the infection spread into his blood, urine and lungs.

When the nursing home was contacted by the media for a statement regarding the pending litigation against it, calls were referred to the company’s corporate offices. The company owns and operates numerous nursing homes throughout the state of Texas.

Instances of nursing home neglect often go unreported in the state of Alabama and elsewhere because the victims of that neglect are either incapable of reporting the neglect themselves and/or they do not know how to. Nevertheless, those who are injured by this kind of neglect may have the opportunity to seek financial restitution in court and put a stop to the abuse. Indeed, it is only by bringing such abuse and neglect into the light that we can strive to hold those responsible accountable and put a stop to it once and for all.

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