Alabama pedestrian killed in tragic car accident

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A Birmingham, Alabama, pedestrian has been killed in a tragic car crash that occurred on a recent Thursday afternoon at approximately 4:30 p.m. The incident involved a van that went out of control, left the roadway and struck the woman along with another pedestrian.

According to a representative of the Birmingham Police Department, a white utility van had been driving eastbound in the Central Park area of Birmingham when it drove up onto a curb and struck the pedestrians. The deceased pedestrian was fatally struck and pinned beneath the vehicle. Tragically, emergency responders were unable to save her and authorities pronounced her dead at the accident scene.

Another male pedestrian, along with the driver of the vehicle, were injured in the crash. The male pedestrian survived the incident with minor injuries. The deceased woman had just finished her workday before the incident occurred. One of her coworkers stated that she had left work less than an hour before the accident. Co-workers described her as hard working and well liked.

Alabama car accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it be due to driver negligence, failure to pay attention to the road, alcohol or drugs, if the driver is faulted by police in a pedestrian crash, an injured pedestrian (or families of deceased pedestrians) may have strong claims for financial restitution against that driver under the law. Even if the driver is not faulted, however, victims and families may wish to investigate the crash scene in more detail to determine who was actually at fault and whether authorities may have overlooked the actual cause of the crash.

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