Problems in local Alabama nursing home put patients in danger

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A poor inspection at a nursing home can put your loved ones at risk of having to move. Beyond that, it means that your loved ones could have been in danger or harmed the entire time they’ve been at the facility. Take for instance this case involving the Cleburne nursing home in Alabama and alleged nursing home neglect . Because of their bad reviews and poor inspection results, the nursing home is no longer able to take new admissions.

As if that isn’t bad enough, there has been at least one case where a patient has been harmed in the home recently. The second investigation of the home, which took place on June 7, showed that a patient who was in the nursing home following hip surgery had to later be readmitted for more surgery and an infection. The staff allegedly failed to clean the wound and bandages per doctor’s orders on day 8 of the patient’s admittance to the facility. The doctor had ordered the wounds cleaned and bandaged every other day.

Stopping the wound cleansing was done without a doctor’s order saying it was okay to stop. The wound was allegedly allowed open air to “breathe.” As a result of this treatment, the wound was infected leading to a return to the hospital, six more weeks of intravenous antibiotics.

When the incident was reviewed, the inspectors claimed that they had found four deficiencies with the way the nursing home treated the patient. This was not the only time the nursing facility came under fire, and it’s been stated that if the deficiencies aren’t fixed, the facility will no longer be able to bill Medicaid or Medicare. That would essentially put the facility out of business.

In the future, the state inspectors may check only that the deficiencies were corrected, or they could chose to do an entire inspection. Hopefully, the facility will figure out how to correct their errors. If not, they may not be able to continue to provide care to patients and could also find themselves in future lawsuits.

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