Wrongful death or murder? Police investigate violent traffic case

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A man from Alabama has been arrested for a crash that resulted in a fatality, news reports from June 26 claim. If you’ve been hurt in a crash like this one, you may understand why it was important to get this man off the road. Police aren’t sure why, but after crashing into someone else’s car, the man went on to kill the other driver with his vehicle. It’s believed that the man rear-ended a car multiple times before trying to flee the scene of the crash.

At the time, the man was in Douglas County, Georgia, according to police. They stated that the 23-year-old man continued to rear-end a car on purpose after he collided with it. At one point, the 53-year-old woman inside got out of the vehicle to check for damage, and it was then that the 23-year-old allegedly slammed into her again.

The authorities claim that the man pinned her between the two cars at first, then he ran her over and caused her wrongful death. He attempted to flee the scene, the authorities stated, but witnesses were able to detain him until the police could arrive. It’s not very clear why the man attempted to strike the woman repeatedly; the police don’t believe that the two knew each other before the accident, although the investigation may still be ongoing.

At this point, the authorities have said that they don’t think the accident was due to road rage, either. They didn’t say if the man had been drinking or taking drugs. They have reported that he was charged for the murder of the woman as well as assault and battery.

Source: WRDW, “Alabama man arrested for fatal crash in Georgia,” June 26, 2014

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