Alabama troopers ride in semi-trucks to prevent car accidents

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Alabama troopers are targeting aggressive drivers in a new enforcement campaign. Police will be riding along inside semi-trucks, observing the traffic below and looking for drivers who are violating the law. Offenses they plan to look out for include not using turn signals, tailgating, road rage, texting while driving, DUI and a wide variety of other violations that commonly cause car accidents.

One of the state troopers involved in the program said that they will be focusing primarily on offenses that tend to be a part of most fatal motor vehicle accidents. Police hope to alter aggressive drivers’ driving habits. They also hope their efforts will help to prevent car accidents, save lives and improve the safety conditions on Alabama’s roads.

Another part of the program, which is being called TACT for Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks, is to encourage drivers to be more careful around semi-trucks. Indeed, many Alabama drivers do not respect the immense size of semi-trucks, and this has resulted in many fatal accidents. Trucks have blind spots, they cannot slow down quickly and small cars are no match for them in car accidents.

Any time Alabama car accidents can be avoided due to a better educated driver who is driving more defensively, it can be considered a positive step forward for Alabama. Nevertheless, injury-causing crashes are bound to occur, and there is no way to get all drivers to follow the law. In the event that a driver causes a fatal or injury-causing accident due to negligent or illegal activity, though, victims will be able to fight back and pursue claims for financial restitution under the law.

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