Crash with Alabama school bus leads to DUI charges

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A recent three-vehicle crash in Alabama involved a car, a truck and even a school bus. While the bus driver was fine, as were the children who were on the school bus, the woman who was driving the car did have to be taken to the hospital. The exact specifics of her injury were not given.

However, specifics about the crash itself were released. Police indicate that the bus stopped first; this was the early morning, and it was bringing children to school. The car that the woman was driving also began to slow down to stop, but a man in a truck behind her did not follow suit. He didn’t slow nearly enough, and his truck rear-ended the car. To make matters worse, his truck then rammed her car below the back end of the bus, shoving it under.

The crash was on Alabama Highway 40, and it was close to Longview Drive. Reports place it at about 7:15 in the morning.

Despite the early hour, the police have now put the man who was driving the truck in jail. He has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Police did not give out the man’s name.

The bus was being operated for Henagar School.

While many people think of alcohol-related crashes as something that only happens at night, the truth is that these crashes can take place at almost any time of day, under any circumstances. Other drivers have a right to use the roads without having to worry about the danger of drunk drivers, regardless of the hour, whether they are driving their personal cars or vehicles for work.

Source: WHNT, “Man charged with DUI following accident in Henagar involving school bus” Claire Aiello, Aug. 12, 2014

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