How can you tell if your car recall was fixed?

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The fact that tens of millions of cars have been recalled in recalled in the last several years has many safety experts worried about the cars that will never get fixed. Indeed, whether it is out of laziness or not having enough time to coordinate getting their car to the dealership, many Alabama drivers and used car dealerships will fail to get their recalled automobiles repaired in spite of the repairs being free.

While there is nothing that we can do to force these individuals and companies to complete the repairs, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has developed a website to assist drivers in finding out whether the recall repairs have or have not been completed on their particular automobile. Car owners can look up their vehicle identification number on the website to view the recall and repair history associated with that particular vehicle. Motorcycle and truck owners can also use the service.

The service is free, and its creators at the NHTSA are hopeful that it will help responsible consumers find out if their cars have been fixed. If they find that their cars have indeed not been fixed, they can take them into the dealership for a free repair before a dangerous accident occurs. Individuals who are shopping for a used vehicle can also use the service to do a background check on a particular purchase before signing off on the deal.

Considering the fact that we are currently sharing the roadway with numerous recalled but unfixed cars, any effort to inform drivers about the potential dangers associated with their particular automobiles is a blessing. Indeed, this service will no doubt prevent car accidents and save lives if drivers make use of it. In the meantime, if an Alabama driver suspects that he or she was hurt or has a family member who was killed by a defective automobile can investigate the possibility of pursuing a personal injury claim for restitution in civil court.

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