Is the Morgan Three-Wheeler prone to auto accidents?

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For Alabama readers of this blog who have not seen what the Morgan Three-Wheeler looks like, it is indeed an automobile to behold. The three-wheeled automobile has its chrome-finished V-twin engine on display for everyone to see and onlookers tend to stare at its uniquely classic look. Nevertheless, as beautiful as it is, the three-wheeler could also be dangerous as it was recently subjected to a recall regarding the condition of its brakes.

Two Hundred Thirty-Five Morgan Three-Wheelers have been recalled for brake-related problems. The affected vehicles include model years from 2012 to 2014. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the recall was due to the fact that some of Morgan vehicles have a problem with their brake fluid warning lamps. In other words, if brake fluid levels have dropped to dangerous levels, drivers may not be appropriately warned.

The Morgan Three-Wheeler is classified as a motorcycle by the NHTSA, and specific rules apply to brake fluid warning lamps on motorcycles. Although the Morgan Three-Wheeler does technically have a functioning brake fluid warning system in place, that system does not notify drivers in the way that regulations specify. Interestingly, this is not the first NHTSA brake recall that Morgan has been subjected to. Last time, the three-wheelers were recalled due to a mandated sticker, which was missing from brake fluid reservoirs on the three-wheelers.

Although the NHTSA’s rules and regulations may seem overly draconian to some auto manufacturers, these rules were created for a very specific reason — to keep drivers in Alabama and other parts of the nation safe and free from injury. In the event that a drivers or passengers suffer injuries caused by an auto defects — especially defects that violate federal rules and regulations — the injured persons may have viable claims for financial damages relating to their car accidents.

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