Car accidents and injuries are common on Alabama roads

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Unfortunately, car accidents happen every single day on Alabama roadways and many of them result in serious injuries and death. Individuals who are harmed in such accidents usually incur stiff medical bills. They might also be forced to spend time unable to work and months in expensive medical rehabilitation and physical therapy programs. Sometimes, a complete recovery is impossible and victims spend the rest of their lives with disabilities.

For the last 18 years, Marsh, Rickard & Bryan has assisted individuals to aggressively pursue financial compensation after being hurt in a catastrophic accident due to no fault of their own. We fiercely protect the rights of our clientele and use the full breadth of our experience — and the experience of medical expert witnesses and accident scene reconstruction specialists — to achieve the best possible outcome in our clients’ cases.

No car accident is the same. Each collision must be reconstructed through complicated scientific techniques and through the application of advanced engineering principals. By painstakingly pouring over accident scene evidence, though, victims will have a better chance of making their cases for restitution in court.

For many of our clients who have been in car accidents, the decision to pursue a personal injury claim is not just a personal one; it is also an economic one. Indeed, for a lot of injured victims, the possibility of obtaining financial compensation is the only hope they have of being able to afford their costly medical bills, the inability to work and other devastating costs related to the accidents they were involved in.

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