Horse versus car accident injures 1 in Alabama

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Alabama farmers and livestock owners are responsible for their animals. If one of their animals gets loose and causes a car accident, for example, the farmer may be legally responsible for any personal injures and/or property damages that result from the collision. One such horse versus car accident happened on a recent Monday morning in Cedar Bluff, Alabama.

According to Alabama State Troopers, the incident happened at approximately 4:30 a.m. in Cedar Bluff in Cherokee County. Tragically, the horse was killed in the early morning wreck. The driver of the car that hit the horse survived unharmed, but a 36-year-old female passenger in the car was sent to an emergency room in Rome for medical care.

The accident, which happened at the intersection of Highway 9 and Margaret Ingram Road, causing the closure of both directions of traffic until investigators could evaluate the scene and road crews could clear the area. Police say that they are continuing to investigate the incident and how it may have occurred. The current condition of the injured passenger is unknown at this time.

Alabama drivers who are injured in car accidents involving livestock may wish to identify the owner of the livestock. Indeed, these injured individuals may be able to pursue civil claims for financial damages relating to their injuries against the livestock owner. A successfully navigated personal injury claim in such cases may be a way for victims to pay for the costly medical expenses they require, in addition to gaining compensation for time spent out of work, property damages, pain and suffering and other injuries.

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